Our menus change constantly and are designed so that our guests can format their meal their own way. Whether it is the traditional entree/main/dessert way, or going nuts on pizzas, planning ahead and organising a bespoke set menu or slow roasted whackingly big pork shoulder, or just sharing a tonne of smaller dishes, there are no rules :)

We make any alteration we are able to, and have been known to run to the shops if we need an ingredient that we don't normally stock (*pineapple can and does belong on pizza!)

We cater for all dairy sensitivities and alergies,  we are becoming known for our range of gluten free and vegetarian / vegan choices, we even feed kids!!

Our function menus vary with the function. We are not formulaic in any way, and so if you are looking for information on functions, please email or call us.. We send out information as a guide and then get to work on making the best function possible for you.