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flash converting anode impurities

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24 Oct 2017 . some of the impurity metals in copper are valuable in other applications. . smelting, converting, fire-refining, anode casting, and electrorefining, also together . For example, the matte from the flash smelting furnace contains.


13 Jul 2016 . PDF | The Kennecott-Outokumpu Flash Converting Furnace (FCF) has . The copper refinery was also modernized at the same time, and its impurity control strategy . Direct laundering of blister copper to the anode furnaces.

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This thermal refining is a batch process whereas the flash smelter and anode . of air to remove the iron and sulfur impurities (as converter slag) and form blister.

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impurities in copper electrowinning and electrorefining. The first part . Table 2.1 Deportment of minor elements in flash smelting and ISASMELTTM process.. 9. PAPER II . smelting. Smelting, converting and fire refining result in cast anodes.

Process for refining high-impurity copper to anode copper .

15 Dec 1998 . A process for refining high-impurity blister copper to anode quality copper is disclosed. . 5007959, Process for converting of solid high-grade copper matte . All existing flash- and bath-smelting processes that refine copper.

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Celebrating 20 years of flash smelting and converting! Since the start-up of the . These are among the highest impurity anodes produced by any major smelter.

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So called flash smelting techniques have therefore been developed which . converting for production of blister copper which is further refined to cathode copper. . the iron and sulfur impurities (as converter slag) and to form blister copper.

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flash smelting furnace to produce matte (55 60 wt% Cu), (ii) conversion of the matte . Impurities are prevented from plating on the cathode by choosing an.

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At the Asarco copper smelter in Hayden, Arizona, the oxygen flash furnace is initially heated . The silica flux binds with the iron and other impurities and keeps them . ladle and pours the molten matte into another type of furnace called a converter. . The anode furnace blows natural gas into the melt to burn off the oxygen.

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Volatile impurities such as arsenic, mercury, and some of the sulfur are driven off, . has to a large extent been replaced by newer flash or bath smelting processes. . At this point, the copper is cast into anodes, the shape and weight of which.

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For modern methods, see Flash smelting and ISASMELT. The Chino open-pit copper mine in New Mexico. Chalcopyrite specimen from Huaron mine, Peru. Copper extraction refers to the methods used to obtain copper from its ores. The conversion of . to produce matte, which must be converted and refined to produce anode.

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These flash techniques reduce the energy demand to produce cathode copper. . the presence of air to remove the iron and sulfur impurities (as converter slag).

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In some cases the concentrated ore is smelted in an air or oxygen flash . During the conversion process, sulphur, iron and other impurities are oxidised. . Copper anodes for electrolytic refining: Copper partly refined by complete fusion is cast.

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2.1.5 Copper refining, anode casting and electrorefining ...... 14 . 2.4 Outokumpu Flash Smelting Process at Harjavalta Plant ....... 15 . Copper converting consists of air oxidation of the molten matte from smelting. Converting . ing furnace. This method offers an extra means of elimination of impurities in.

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23. elokuu 2016 . These impurities are difficult to remove from anodes, since when copper . for Flash smelting furnace (FSF) and Pierce-Smith converter (PSC).

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The copper concentrates are fed through the flash smelting furnace with . Oxygen-enriched air is blown into the Converter furnace to oxidize the matte further to . Butane gas is blown into the anode furnace as a reductant to remove the.

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Oxidation occurs at the anode, where copper metal is converted to copper(II) . ions from anode to cathode through the aqueous solution, the impurities drop to.

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Two different anode furnaces are compared: Tilting Heart Furnace and Rotary . converter, depending on its impurity content, and then electrorefined. . Cooper flash smelting entails blowing air, oxygen, dried Cu-Fe-S concentrate and.

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The products from smelting, converting, fire refining in an anode . and allow the separation of copper from iron and other impurities. . the one used by Kennecott (i.e., the Kennecott-Outokumpo flash converting process).34,35 In the interest of.

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Crude copper is about 60% copper matte converted from copper concentrate and . copper after blowing in a blowing furnace (converter or flash blowing furnace). . After redox in the anode furnace, after removing the residual impurities such.

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3.4.2 Converting, fire-refining and electro-refining . . pyrometallurgical processes, e.g. anode furnaces, is also often used for this purpose, . Washing is used to remove impurities such as alkali and alkaline earth . Flash smelting relies on.

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Thanks to its inherently low sulphur emissions and low operating costs, flash . Kennecott-Outokumpu flash converting sets a new industry standard. . Converting, an integral part of the copper smelting process, is the removal of impurities by . the construction of an Outokumpu Wenmec anode casting shop at the smelter.

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1 Dec 1990 . The "Mitsubishi Continuous Smelting and Converting Process" which we have evolved from years of research and . Anode. Anode copper. Anode furnace. C-furnace. C-slag recyled to. S-furnce . efficient copper recovery and removal of impurities. . Furthermore, in the Flash Process, solid materials react.

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In pyrometallurgy, metals are extracted by converting sulfides into oxides and then reducing oxides into . Molten metals tend to dissolve impurities from the ore. . In some types of furnace (blast furnaces, flash smelters) the . electrochemical cell which dissolves metal from the anode, and redeposits high-purity copper on.

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Kennecott/Outokumpu Flash Converting. Process . . slowly by the flash smelting furnace invented in. Finland. . Impurity contributions to anodes (wt % of input).

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2 May 2020 . Copper anode slimes, the by-product of the copper electrorefining process, have . The composition of this by-product reflects the impurities of the anodes. . For this process, the average percentage of Se conversion to SeO2 reached only . A system comprising vacuum technology and flash reduction was.

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5 Jun 2019 . Recovering Cobalt and Copper from Copper Converter Slag by . These anodes contain high levels of impurities, such as Ni, As, Sb and Bi, that . Leaching of Copper Flash Furnace Dusts with Week Acid Bleed and Arsenic.

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22 Feb 2011 . Hexavalent chromium also can be converted to the inactive trivalent . Antimony is usually introduced as an impurity in the copper anodes.

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In converting, the impurities are removed from copper matte. . The increase in copper content achieved during the converting phase after flash smelting is from.

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Flash smelting combines roasting, melting and part converting into a single process. . complex copper concentrates containing lead, zinc and other impurities. . and secondary materials such as refinery anode scrap and scrap copper.

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Flash smelting combines roasting, melting and part converting into a single process. . complex copper concentrates containing lead, zinc and other impurities. . and secondary materials such as refinery anode scrap and scrap copper.

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Cutaway View of Outokumpu Preheated-Air· Flash-Smelting Furnace .•. Cutaway View . 3.16 Energy Required to Convert Concentrate to Blister Copper. 3.17 Energy . 3.22 Proportions of Anode Impurities Entering Residues and. El&ctrolytc .

Modelling copper smelting – the flash smelting plant, process .

29 Oct 2019 . phur and impurity fixation, as well as optimisation of the industrial . equilibrium in a flash smelting or flash converting fur- nace is, however, a.

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Flash Converting 144 8.6.3. . Direct-To-Copper Flash Smelting 179 10.1. . Chemistry of Electrorefining and Behavior of Anode Impurities 252 14.2.1. Au and.

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Practical Tips for Maintenance of Nickel Anode Baskets . . These are generally applied as thin 'flash' deposits and then protected by organic . In some cases the organic impurities can be converted to a form more easily removed by carbon.

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In the Direct Outotec Nickel Flash Smelting Process, converting is not needed, thus . concentrate comprising either the anode slimes, carbonylation residue, . Chloride leaching can be selective for impurities such as SiO2, Mg, Al, and Mn,.

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As the anodes dissolve away, the cathodes on which the pure metal is deposited grow in size. The impurities in the copper anode include lead, zinc, nickel,.

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We dry it and send it into a flash-smelting furnace, which separates it into several products, . We then cast the copper into 750-pound anodes. . Other impurities, including gold and silver, drop off into the bottom of the tank where they are collected for further processing. . There, we convert the sulfur dioxide to sulfuric acid.

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2 Dec 2006 . production of the copper matte, and 3) converting of the copper matte to blister copper. . Various trace elements can be measured as impurities in copper ores. . Typically, the blister copper is fire refined in an anode furnace, cast into “anodes” . Flash furnace smelting produces offgas streams containing.

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27 Jun 2010 . Outokumpu flash furnace or the fluidized bed roaster and electric furnace are used to . furnace and the converting/refining furnace. The roasters are . mineralogical composition of copper anode impurities and anode slimes.

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