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pressure chloride leaching of a refractory gold ore

Pressure chloride leaching of a refractory gold ore .

A series of metallurgical methods were employed to recover gold contained in a pyrite matrix. Direct cyanidation of the ore at P80 = 75 μm yielded only 33%.

Chloride as an Alternative to Cyanide -

concentrates, provides an alternative to cyanide for gold ores. The process . Various options available to recover gold from PLATSOL® leach solutions are also . pressure oxidation conditions, using . refractory gold ores prior to cyanidation.

New Chloride Leaching Process for Gold Extraction from .

. for Gold Extraction from Refractory Ores . chloride leach solutions and their gold content . (2), zinc concentrate processing (3) and more recently for gold extraction from refractory gold ores. . pressures of HCl lead to loss of Cl" from the.

Acid leaching decarbonization and following pressure .

16 Jul 2016 . Pressure chloride leaching of a refractory gold ore [J]. Minerals Engineering, 1996, 9(5): 547–556. Article · Google Scholar. [2]. WARRIS C J,.

(PDF) Additional of NaCl on Chloride Leaching of Gold Ore .

18 Apr 2019 . Additional of NaCl on Chloride Leaching of Gold Ore from Indonesian Artisanal Mining. Article (PDF Available) . Refractory ores are difficult to leach by a simple leaching process. In industrial-scale, . and pressure. The other.

Chloride-hypochlorite oxidation and leaching of refractory .

30 Sep 2015 . extracting gold from the refractory ores, long leaching times (more than 24 . 1996, Pressure chloride leaching of a refractory gold ore, Minerals.

Chloride–hypochlorite oxidation and leaching of refractory .

Chloride–hypochlorite oxidation and leaching of refractory sulfide gold . Pressure chloride leaching of a refractory gold ore, Minerals Engineering, 9, 547–556.

Gold-Precious Metals Conference - ALTA Metallurgical Services

PRESSURE OXIDATION OF REFRACTORY GOLD ORES: THE METATES GOLD PROJECT . The Outotec Gold Chloride leaching process is suitable for many.

Pretreatment Process on Refractory Gold Ores with As - J-Stage

Keywords: arsenic-bearing gold ore, pretreatment process, refractory gold ore . the alkaline leaching pretreatment at normal temperature and pressure. . High cost of chlorides and serious corrosion of equipment are the key factors to restrict.

Additional of NaCl on Chloride Leaching of Gold Ore from .

Refractory ores are difficult to leach by a simple leaching process. In industrial-scale, gold extraction is conducted by cyanidation process followed by carbon in.

Advances in Gold and Silver Processing - 911 Metallurgist

HYPOCHLORITE LEACHING OF GOLD ORE. W.T.Yen, R.A.Pindred . such as hydrochloric acid, sodium chloride and temperature. . pressure oxidation leach solution is rapid and complete in . carbonaceous refractory gold ore in Nevada.

Assessing the Similarity of Cyanide-Free Gold Leaching .

In recent years, cyanide leaching of gold ores has become politically and . Elevated pressure can be used to increase the leaching rate for some reactions, . gold leaching of a refractory gold concentrate by chloride–hypochlorite solution.


refractory gold ore, leaching, cyanide, nitrite, oxidant. Full Text: PDF. References. Anderson, C. G. (2008) 'NSC pressure leaching: industrial and potential . and gold leaching of a refractory gold concentrate by chloride–hypochlorite solution',.

US5785736A - Gold recovery from refractory carbonaceous .

A process for treatment of precious metal ores in which gold is leached from an . Gold recovery from refractory carbonaceous ores by pressure oxidation, . The chloride is believed to increase the kinetics of the sulfide oxidation reaction.

WO2013152424A1 - Chloride process for the leaching of gold .

A process for the extraction of gold from a gold-bearing ore or concentrate, . and magnesium chloride at atmospheric pressure at a temperature of at least 90°C.

Effect of Pretreatment of Sulfide Refractory Concentrate with .

The best results for gold extraction were obtained with oxygen pressure of 80 psi, 10% . Such deposits are called refractory gold ores due to the encapsulation of fine . Oxidative leaching of metal sulphide minerals is commonly considered as an . than sodium hypochlorite and contains a higher concentration of chlorine.

Leaching of a Gold Bearing Partially Roasted . - SciELO

19 Jun 2001 . processing complex refractory gold ores is a pre-oxidation treatment prior the gold . options are roasting, pressure oxidation and bioxidation6-8. Pressure . of the oxidation of chloride ions, about 35% of Au was dissolved.

Chloride-hypochlorite oxidation and leaching of refractory .

28 May 2012 . extracting gold from the refractory ores, long leaching times (more than . pressure oxidation (Long and Dixon, 2004), bio–oxidation (Hansford.

download the PDF - UBC Open Collections - University of .

3.3.2 Carbon-in-Chlorine Leach. 34. 4.0 . pressure oxidation has shown some success in refractory gold ore treatment and is marketed as the. Activox™.

Gold Ore Processing, Volume 15 - 2nd Edition - Elsevier

Terms & conditions. Gold Ore Processing - 2nd Edition - ISBN: 9780444636584, 9780444636706 . Factors for Consideration in Refractory Gold Process Selection; 8. Discussion; 9. Recent . Alkaline Pressure Oxidation–Whole Ore; 5. Acid and Alkaline . 1. Introduction; 2. Chloride-Based Processes for Gold Leaching; 3.

Pilot plant pressure oxidation of refractory gold-silver .

affected by the presence of organic carbon in the POX feed when chloride in solution was at an . feasible, yielding gold extraction of 95–98% in cyanide leaching of the oxidised . pre-treatment of refractory gold ores and concentrates.

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construction of pressure oxidation leaching (POX) plants in any location in the world. Outotec . Pressure oxidation of refractory gold ores and concentrates.


Chlorination was the most popular process to extract gold, before it was rendered obsolete with the advent . Pressure chloride leaching of a refractory gold ore.

Processing of refractory gold sulphide carbonbearing ores by .

processing of refractory sulphide carbon-bearing gold ores and float concentrates extracted from them include pressure oxidation and bacterial oxidation . 73.5% by chloride scheme was reached in laboratory experiments on . diluted in the course of leaching with themselves, are characterized by exceptionally low.

Gold recovery from refractory gold concentrates by pressure .

25 Jun 2018 . investigated ammoniacal thiosulfate leaching of refractory oxide gold ore, and they obtained maximum gold extraction of 55% (Mohammadi et al.,.

University of Nevada Reno ixiviation of Refractory Ores with .

for both ores, whereas cyanide bottle roll leaching of the Battle. Mountain ore yielded . component present in the ore capable of adsorbing gold chloride and gold . extraction of gold from BMG sulfide ore, using a thiosulfate pressure leach.

Kinetic Investigation and Dissolution Behavior of Cyanide .

10 May 2019 . Many potential reagents besides cyanide, e.g. chloride, mercury or sulfur . Especially for refractory and carbonaceous preg-robbing ores cyanide leaching shows . Cyanide and Alternative Gold Leaching Reagents . Thiosulfate-copper-ammonia leaching of pure gold and pressure oxidized concentrate.

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1.3 Flotation and subsequent processes (refractory ore processing) . pressure oxidation that transform leaching resistant gold carriers into porous oxides or . conducted through wet, precrushed gold ore forming soluble gold chloride that.


and development into alternative leaching methods of gold ores. A wide variety of . development of pressure oxidation for refractory gold ores in the late fifties . oxidant to a few seconds with the addition of ferric chloride, chromic acid or.

Commodities: Gold - Minerals Engineering

Minerals Engineering International: Metallic Ores: Gold. . Study on oxygen pressure thiosulfate leaching of gold without the catalysis of copper and . Yan Zhang, Extraction of gold from refractory gold ore using bromate and ferric chloride.

Study on the surface features of Preg-Robbing carbonaceous .

13 Mar 2018 . during the leaching and adsorption phase of processing. . Pressure oxidation: This technique is used for refractory gold ores (sulphides with . forming a thin chloride−carbon complex on the surface of CM by oxidation and by.

Technical Report for the Certej Project, Romania

21 Feb 2014 . Table 13-3: Summary of Refractory Gold Content in Certej Ores . . Table 17-5: Overall Recovery of Gold and Silver from Certej Ores via Pressure Oxidation-based . carbon-in-leach cyanidation, carbon stripping and electrowinning. . soluble chloride in the pressure oxidation process and their effect on.


study of pressure oxidation leaching of enargite concentrates, which may be applied to . Generalized flowsheet for the processing of copper sulfide ores by cupric chloride . total oxidation of the remaining sulfides to release refractory gold,.

Leaching (metallurgy) - Wikipedia

Leaching is a process widely used in extractive metallurgy where ore is treated with chemicals . Cyanide leaching (e.g. gold ore ); Ammonia leaching (e.g. Crushed ore); Alkali leaching . Leaching is done in long pressure vessels which are cylindrical (horizontal or vertical) or of horizontal tube form known as autoclaves.

economics of refractory gold ore processes - ACP Equipment

These are not considered in this paper since their applicability is limited. Chloride catalyzed, oxygen pressure oxidation (Cashman). Nitric acid catalyzed oxidation.

IH_2010-001_Reply_Impacts of Gold Extraction in the EU

2 Apr 2010 . Pretreatment of refractory gold ore: ▫ Bacterial oxidation. ▫ Pressure oxidation. ▫ Roasting. ▫ Emerging technologies: thiosulphate leaching,.

CN100485059C - Method for recovering gold from sulphide .

The concentrate is first subjected to leaching with a concentrated solution of alkali . In the chloride-based process for copper, the gold and the free gold that are . In the indissoluble gold ore, the ratio of copper and other base metal is very . Add pressure solution soak in pyrite decompose according to following equation:.

Process for the recovery of gold from an ore in chloride .

25 Nov 2014 . The gold in a preferred embodiment is recovered from refractory and . Gold ore tailings 10 are sent to an oxidation pressure leach 11 in.

determination of the optimum conditions for recovery of gold .

. refractory gold ores are roasting, pressure oxidation, chemical leaching . on recovery of gold from Zarshuran refractory gold ore. 2. EXPERIMENTAL. 2. 1. Material and Methods . chloride solution , Hydrometallurgy 2009,96,. 275 282. 19.

Electrochemical recovery of minor concentrations of gold from .

20 Feb 2018 . leaching. However, the state-of-art processes for gold recovery from chloride solutions are facing issues . inability to efficiently leach carbonaceous and refractory ores has led to an . vacuum in pressure range of 10.

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