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copper smelter slag railroad ballast recovery

A Study on Reduction of Copper Smelting Slag by . - MDPI

14 Feb 2020 . Keywords: copper smelting slag; pig iron; fayalite; recovery. 1. . tiles, glass, road-base construction, railroad ballast, and asphalt pavement.

A Study on Reduction of Copper Smelting Slag by . - Preprints

17 Jan 2020 . to recover pig iron containing copper from copper smelting slag, and . abrasive, tiles, glass, road-base construction, railroad ballast, asphalt.

Arch. Metall. Mater. 63 (2018), 4, 1793-1798 Copper slag is a .

intended to recover pig iron from the copper smelting slag by reduction smelting method. . abrasive, tiles, glass, road-base construction, railroad ballast,.

Characteristics and utilisation of copper slag—a review

Copper slag is an industrial by-product of copper smelting and refining from . processes to recover valuable metals from copper slag [12][13][14][15][16][17]. . filler, in railway ballast materials, in roofing material, and in cementitious materials.

Carbothermal reduction of copper smelter slag for recycling .

Carbothermal reduction of copper smelter slag for recycling into pig iron and . Recovery of metal values from copper slag and reuse of residual secondary slag.

Nonferrous Slags - Material Description - User Guidelines for .

Nonferrous slags are produced during the recovery and processing of nonferrous metal . Copper slag that is derived by smelting of copper concentrates in a . railway ballast materials, grit blast abrasives, roofing granule material, and in the.

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copper smelters of the Timna valley near Eilat in Israel. Copper is the world's . Blast furnace slag contains little metal, and recovery of metal (even iron) from it is . of steel furnace slag are used as rail ballast for all types of railroad tracks, from.

Review on the innovative uses of steel slag for waste .

5 Feb 2018 . Slow cooled steel slag can be better utilized in the railroad ballast. . provides recovery of Mg (28–75%), Zn (14–60%) and Cu (11–27%) [90]. . Molecular sieve catalyst obtained by processing smelting waste steel slag is.

Guidance Document for Management of Wastes from the Base .

6 Jun 2016 . Nickel/Cobalt, Copper/Iron Wastes/residues, Recovery, disposal . At Inco Copper Cliff's Smelter, the slag from the converter is recycled . as ballast in highway and railroad building, and in granulated form, for sand blast use.

Guidance Document for Management of Wastes from the Base .

6 Jun 2016 . The determination of what is a waste and what can be recovered will vary from . Converting furnace, Copper, Slag, Recycle to smelting . as ballast in highway and railroad building, and in granulated form, for sand blast use.

UG-Mat Nonferrous Slags | Recycled Materials Resource Center

Nonferrous slags are produced during the recovery and processing of nonferrous metal . Copper slag that is derived by smelting of copper concentrates in a . railway ballast materials, grit blast abrasives, roofing granule material, and in the.

Lead - EPA Archives

ballast and weights, ceramics and crystal glass, tubes and containers, type metal, . Slag and residual lead from the dross furnace are returned to the blast furnace. . material is sold to operators of copper smelters for recovery of copper and other . Thickener solids are dewatered using a filter press and then shipped by rail.

Blast Furnace - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Blast furnace slag is a nonmetallic coproduct produced in the process in the . as a base aggregate for roads and ballast for railways, it is now much in demand as . Feeding to copper smelter with copper concentration (14% of the total throughput); . Integrated smelters cannot recover aluminum and iron as metals; they are.

Use of copper slag in glass-epoxy composites for improved .

26 Nov 2009 . Copper slag is a by-product obtained during matte smelting and . The common management options for copper slag are recycling, recovery of metal and . products such as abrasive tools, cutting tools and railroad ballast.

Electric Arc Furnace - National Slag Association

ballast for railroads. SLAG: A Proud History of Use for this Co-Product ! Page 14.

Slag from the Sudbury nickel camp, Ontario, Canada

Metal-refining Slag, used widely as rail-bed ballast,. --- originating at the copper-nickel smelters of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada . Peters (1890) gives a detailed and sobering historical vignette of the metal-recovery process in the early decades.

Recycled Aggregates with Enhanced Performance . - Comsa

slag-rail (SFS-Rail), is fundamental for the economic and environmental . Track bed layers (which usually refers to ballast and blanket layers) and . Copper. 0.21. 2. Fluorine. 0.01. 18. Mercury. 0.00. 0.01. Molybdenum. 0.14. 0.5. Nickel. 0.02.

Smelters & Refiners - Sun May 17, 2020 - Philippine Metals Inc.

Smelters Smelting is a form of extractive metallurgy; its main use is to produce a metal from . The most common refining processes for copper uses electrolysis where a slab of . The final byproduct or slag may be processed further to remove any other . The remnants of this recovery can be used in railroad track ballast or,.

the significance of iron and steel slag as by- product

25 May 2012 . production non-ferrous metals (Cu, Zn, Pb, Ni,..), boiler slag obtained by . Non-ferrous slags are produced during the recovery by smelting and processing of . building applications, railroad ballast, as fertilizers, etc. From this.

Characterization of copper smelter slag and recovery of .

Keywords: copper smelter slag; cyanidation; gold; silver. * M. Sc. Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Medellín-Antioquia, Colombia). [email protected]

Research on the Effect of Copper Slag as a Fine . - IJRTE

22 Jul 2019 . acquired by the process of copper smelting and refining. These copper slags are recycled for copper recovery. In this paper, we analysed copper . abrasive tools, railroad ballast, cutting tools, roofing granules, road-base.

Use of Steel Slag in Subgrade Applications - Purdue e-Pubs

Slags are by-products of metallurgical processes of metal smelting from its ore or metal refining . steel, a percentage of iron (Fe) in the hot-metal cannot be recovered into the steel . Note: Miscellaneous include use as rail road ballast, roofing, mineral wool, soil . with a Siemens D-500 diffractometer using copper radiation.


Steelmaking slag includes blast furnace (“BF") iron slag, and basic oxygen furnace . 5/ A portion of the steel slag that is generated is entrained steel that generally is recovered and . Unpaved driveways. surface roads. and walkways Railroad ballast . chromium (total). chromium (hexavalent), cobalt, copper, iron, lead,.

Investigating the potential for incorporating tin slag in road .

tin slag, zinc slag, copper slag and phosphoric slag in road pavements. The only . Apart from the smelting of domestic mine production, the plant also imports . Non-ferrous slag is produced during the recovery and processing of non-ferrous metal . slag is used in base construction, rail road ballast and engineered fill.

Recycled Fill Materials in Construction - DPTI

Copper. <2,000. 10. Total Petroleum. Hydrocarbons (TPH). C6 – C9. <100. # . for sale or for recycling, reprocessing, recovery or purification by a separate . Materials (soils, ballast and timber sleepers) generated from rail construction and . Inclusions within fill materials (foundry sands, slag, industrial wastes, refuse,.


non-ferrous metals - Nickel, Copper, Lead and Zinc and in the production of Iron and . stockpile is accumulating due to the ongoing lead and zinc smelting operations. . was used only as a rail ballast and road base material, many researchers . mainly to recover the entrained metallic values from the non-ferrous slags.

Final Report on Scrap Management, Sorting and .

slag. Approximately 600 lbs of slag are generated per ton of hot metal produced. 2 . This slag is now recovered and used in road building, railroad ballast, fertilizer, . The ASR heavy fraction contains primarily aluminum, stainless steel, copper, zinc . generated by the blast furnace during smelting and collected in the air.

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16 Aug 2017 . A. Definition of Copper Smelting; Slag Byproduct Utilization. B. Copper . A. Mercury Recovery from Zinc Roaster Offgas. B. Mercury . aggregate, ballast (base for railroad tracks), cement-kiln or concrete additive, or for other.

Value Recovery from Metallurgical Slags Through . - TSpace

granulation and heat recovery from molten slag, and an experimental study was . smelting reactor converts copper concentrate to a matte: a molten mixture of . such as construction aggregates, railway ballast, and filter media for sewage.

Copper, Lead and Zinc Smelting and Refining

16 Mar 2011 . A small amount of slag is sold for railroad ballast and for sand . put into the smelter together with the ore concentrates for copper recovery via.

History of Smelting in Arizona - Mining Foundation of the .

Modem copper smelting is employed to produce metallic copper and a . wheels, through which the escaping furnace slag flowed. This slag . forms of ballast for stable railroad beds. . first Cottrell plant to be erected in Arizona to recover dust.

Review on the innovative uses of steel slag for waste .

5 Feb 2018 . Piles of steel slag, a solid waste generated from the iron and steel industry, could . ingredient, concrete aggregate, antiskid aggregate, and rail road ballast. . Review also shows recovery of pure calcium carbonate and heavy metals . in a fluidized bed reactor and its adsorption performance of copper ion.

Copper - Lossin - - Major Reference Works - Wiley Online .

15 Jan 2001 . To increase the copper recovery rate, often these tailings are leached with sulfuric acid. . the last providing most of the slag in the subsequent smelting: . and as a medium‐size crushed fill for roadbeds or railway ballast.

Strategy Paper On Resource Efficiency in Steel . - NITI Aayog

MT were recycled by the steel and foundry casting industries. As per World . are removed as “Slag” by use of various fluxes so that maximum recovery of . acceptability of slag as an aggregate or rail ballast can be improved. Besides, steel slag . like copper, brass, aluminum, lead, chromium, nickel, cobalt etc. There has.

Physico-Chemical Characterization of Steel Slag. Study of its .

22 Jun 2010 . The chemical and mineralogical composition of steel slag produced in two . such as materials for road construction, in ballast for railway tracks, hydraulic engineering, as fertilizers and soil conditioners, for metal recovery (1-10). . using Cu Kα radiation, adquisition interval 5−80° (2θ) and step size 0.02°.

Electronic waste recycling: A review of U.S. infrastructure and .

Recovery processes for copper, lead, and precious metals such as silver, gold, . Key factors in the recycling of e-waste are collection, sorting and recovery, recycling . and recovered from the CRT glass through a smelting process. . used as roof shingles, sand blasting, and ballasts for railroads (Queneau and May, 1991).

waste materials as potential replacements for highway .

Waste. Sludge. Boiler Slag. Foundry Waste. Copper. Tailings. Anthracite Coal. Taconite. Dredge Spoil . programs for recovery and reuse of solid wastes. Separa- . steel slag are as railroad ballast and as aggregate is bitumin- ous pavements.

Copper Slag Partially Replaces Fine Aggregate in M 25 .

At this stage copper slag , an industrial byproduct generated during smelting and refining of Copper can be a . recovering of metal, production of value added products and disposal in . glass, road-base construction, railroad ballast, asphalt.

FISSAC D7.2 Report on Industrial Segmentation, criteria and .

8 Mar 2019 . Table 8 - Copper slag generation in various regions . . recovered through close loop recycling or reuse or down-cycled into backfilling materials. Another . impacts related to the copper production (smelting, converting and refining), the . granules, cutting tools, railway ballast material, tiles and glass [21].

Smelter Slags and Mattes Transport - 911 Metallurgist

23 Jan 2017 . The matte (which is high in copper, thus assuring a clean slag) is tapped . the crusher, and is loaded on railroad cars, ready for use as ballast.

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